Tool & Die Division

Tool & Die

Prototype Savings using 3D data for a Quick Turnaround of Production Ready Parts

Designing 3D CAD models,
2D layout drawings and generating machine programs.

Proto-Typing For Customer Convenience

  • Whether it's Aluminum die cast, rubber, silicone, or plastic, AST can design and test shoot your tool for part tolerance and quality. We also do over-molding, insert molding, and the latest addition of LSR (liquid Silicone Rubber) molding.

    We have fully integrated Quality control with CMM, Vision Measurement Systems, and surface finish testing. AST is an industry-leading builder of Custom Plastic Injection, Aluminum Die Cast Molds, and extrusion dies.

  • Our Tool and Die department can accurately assess the best options for gate cavitation based on the capacity and raw material requirements of our customers. ECI changes are handled quickly and efficiently through unsurpassed communication between customers and the sales/engineering teams.

  • Feature:

    Many products and raw materials to choose from include: Renboard, Nylon and Delrin for prototyping.