Medical Industry

Medical grade parts

manufacturing and distribution of metals and plastics designed to customer specifications.

Since its founding, AST has manufactured custom-made metal and plastic parts for medical equipment. Based on parts processing technology and precision assembly technology, we consistently handle medical-related products from material procurement to design, processing, surface treatment, assembly, and delivery.

AST not only manufactures parts for medical equipment but also has a wealth of experience in product development and processing, such as processing, molding, extrusion, and surface treatment of silicone and plastic. Based on our extensive material knowledge and precision molding know-how, we propose optimal manufacturing methods utilizing cooperative suppliers, such as processing, prototype development, and assembly. To ensure accuracy and quality, we have a variety of state-of-the-art CNC machines and a team of skilled engineers. We provide life-saving precision medical prototypes and products that meet the most stringent requirements for exact specifications while maintaining strict standards of 'effective communication' and 'timely delivery'.

AST is actively involved in the medical and life sciences market. We recently completed a project to overmold a medical device, enabling faster delivery times and lower costs than previous product designs.


  1. We support customer requests with confidentiality and creativity.With our commitment to building relationships through communication, innovation, and meeting customer expectations, AST strives to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices and on-time delivery.
  2. AST has produced many unique products that serve thousands of people worldwide.

Introduction of strengths of AST

Materials can be processed regardless of round or square shape
Using our know-how cultivated through high-mix, small-lot manufacturing, we process everything from elongated cylindrical shapes to plate shapes using our in-house equipment. We realize efficient procurement with our in-house integrated production system. If we receive drawings and data, we will deliver custom-made parts with micron precision as finished products.
Steel and cemented carbide can be processed
We can process various types of steel, from steel to carbide. Please leave the material procurement to us. We have an in-house heat treatment furnace to provide stable delivery and quality.
Processing size
Cylindrical shape: about φ0.3 to φ350  L=about 800
Flat shape: From minute size for connectors to 1000mm square plate size
Global expansion
We have cooperative factories in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and are highly valued as a local supplier for North American companies. English-speaking staff are stationed at all times, so you can make transactions with peace of mind.