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Working together to deliver solutions for success

For true innovation, you need a partner who can help meet your needs for speed and efficiency. Our AIAG system provides solutions throughout the entire product life cycle to achieve this. These solutions include but are not limited to system uptime or availability optimization, throughput improvement, and defect reduction—all designed to optimize cost per product. At the same time, our engineering organization increases your capital efficiency through productivity and technology upgrades while operating with as little risk as possible. Customers and suppliers can also exchange technical and business resources with us.


We help you enhance your productivity and optimize the cost of operations throughout the tools’ lifecycle with our comprehensive offering of service and software solutions.


Our comprehensive portfolio of high quality, cost-effective parts and contracts is designed to balance performance, availability, and cost-effective operation of our product.

Productivity and technology upgrades

We enhance the capability and productivity of your toolset and extend tool-lifetime by upgrading your existing product to lower costs or meet the process requirements for your next generation products.

AIAG Systems

Product applications that still benefit from AST's process control and precision, such as those targeting the specialized technical markets in the semiconductor or automotive sectors, are our performance-proven products. It can prolong the production life of the end product.

Technical Training

Our global technical training organization continuously develops your knowledge and technical expertise through practical training courses for both hardware and process technology.


Contact AST windows (our customers, suppliers and internal users) to share our technical and business resources.

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