Renewable Energy

Parts processing market for Renewable Energy

AST develops energy interface parts in the fields of wind power and battery power, as well as photovoltaic systems. Our attention to detail and futuristic approach help to support and grow this market.

Respond quickly and efficiently to the green market to protect the environment.

Suitable for sustainable technology

Technological innovation is essential for a future in which renewable energy becomes the world's main energy source. AST's parts processing technology will play an important role in this effort. Our parts are used in a variety of power electronic devices that support sustainable energy sources.

for example
  1. Inverter for supplying energy from the solar array to the grid
  2. Converter for harnessing wind energy produced by wind turbines
  3. Heat exchangers for concentrating solar energy in power plants and electric vehicles
  4. Power rectifier (AC to DC), regulation, modification, management, etc.

Reduce energy consumption

Power modules and inverters made from our components and semiconductor materials enable renewable energy products to operate optimally. This encourages the broader adoption of renewable energy systems that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint to create a more sustainable future.

Investing in the development of processing technology

As the world's leading component processing manufacturer, we are committed to investing in developing processing technology for renewable energy applications. We provide the quality, performance, and reliability required to deliver the design, function, and effectiveness of our ceramics, molds, moldings, and silicon processes. A sustainable future with clean energy is a goal we all share.