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Automotive Tooling & Plastic Injection

For over 30 years, AST has been a fixture in the automotive supply chain network. AST can support our customers at every level, from precision tool and die for metal stamping to injection mold products to tier 1 suppliers.

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Ceramic Parts for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Ceramics are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment where wiring is becoming finer and more multilayered. The use of lightweight, high-rigidity ceramics in exposure equipment and ceramics with plasma resistance, low particle count, heat resistance, and low dielectric loss in etching and deposition equipment is expanding.

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Semiconductor Silicon

We focus on supplying monocrystalline silicon materials for integrated circuit (IC) etching. It can provide ultra-large diameter semiconductor-grade silicon single crystal materials with a maximum diameter of Φ475mm (19 inches), and the resistivity covers specifications such as 70-80Ω·cm, 1-4Ω·cm and < 0.02Ω·cm. In addition to providing silicon single-crystal ingots, AST has ingot processing technology and can offer silicon cylinders, silicon discs, silicon rings, and other products.

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Automation and Robotics Engineering

As a specialized manufacturer of in-process wafer transfer equipment, inter-process wafer transfer equipment, and stocker transfer equipment for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, AST supports the manufacturing process of 300mm wafers for advanced devices and 200mm wafers for IoT and automotive applications.

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